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Here's where I shamelessly plug my fiends website. I also reserve the right to add people-I-don't-even-know's websites if I deem them worthy.
Erick Adam poses as the Loco Iguana. Now all he needs is a side kick and a bat cave. He likes to ramble and shit, but sometimes he has something important to say. Also, check out his MP3 collection. He's another napster good, metallica bad, fellow.
Ghetto Customs of Canada Behold, proof that our brethren from the North take time out from drinking and playing hockey to customize their cars.  Wait, whatís this I found on their site?  Well, Iím off to attach a hockey stick to the front of my truck (I'll be damned if they beat me to it).  Iíll see you out on Lake St. Clair once it freezes over.
Is you site worthy, but not listed? email me and if you beg nicely, I may consider your request.
Ghetto Custom's just got a face lift. What do you think?
Email me.
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Pictures of hot chicks!