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How I yearn for the old days when I had nothing better to do than Ghettofy every vehicle I owned.  I though owning a house would be a great thing, and, in all honesty, it is.   However, it totally robs you of free time.  There’s always something that needs to be maintained, fixed or upgraded.   That is why I don’t often find myself making updates to this website.  Luckily, sometimes the things you have to do cross paths with the things you want to do.   Thus is the story with mowing the lawn.  While I have to mow the lawn, I don’t have to do it on some lame tractor.  Mowing the lawn gives a person a chance to make a statement, and, well, I present to you my newest creation: The Ghetto Lawnmower…

Ghetto Custom's just got a face lift. What do you think?
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